About Us

Combustion Kinetics Corporation was founded in 1961 by John E. Guignon Sr. Where better to start this engineering
products and service company but right out of his home at 12 Chipper Road in St. Louis where his wife and 9 kids
were being raised. He started his company with the vision to supply quality equipment and solutions to industrial
customers as a manufacturers’ representative company.

In the early years, he mainly started by supply his services in the boiler, chemical, and food industries. John Sr
services included maintaining boilers, supplying fabricated equipment, and inventing solution equipment for
customer’s problems. He even held two patents for inventions that were the result of his work.

John Guignon Jr began to work with CKC in 1971 after 3 years of working with Navy Engineering in Washington DC. He
started to work right at 12 Chipper Road in the hallway right outside his dad’s office. Working in an office hallway
seems to be a rite of passage at CKC as others have gotten their start in the same manner.

In the 1970’s, John Jr began to transition CKC from their industrial services to more industrial equipment
representation. He added many quality industrial equipment companies to CKC’s line card, which many we still have
today. By 1977, he owned the company and expanded by hiring more sales engineers. He led CKC for 40 years, where he
led by example in forging strong relationships with customers and principals.

In 1993, John Guignon III started at CKC after working in the power industry for 4 years. He was able to help grow
CKC to expand their Midwest territory along with working to add 5 new sales engineers who now have all been at CKC
between 7 and 20 years. John III began his ownership of CKC in 2011 and continues his 25-year career with the

CKC covers territory for several manufacturers in the state of Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa,
Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Our CKC family continues the tradition of great technical support, quality service, and
sound relationships.